Godzilla weighs the same as 21,867 monster trucks.

The Weight of Godzilla vs Super Large Monster Trucks

Let's start with Godzilla.

A while back, Popular Mechanics wrote a very awesome article about the theoretical biological specs of Godzilla. Go read it if you feel like abandoning me.

No it's ok. Don't worry. I'll be fine... here by myself.

According to estimates from actual paleontologists, using a dinosaur weight estimating formula, Godzilla would weigh 164,000 tons. In other words Godzilla weighs 328,000,000 pounds. That's a lot of lizard steaks.

We know there's only one Godzilla but there are many monster trucks so which one do we weigh? I say let's go for the biggest one we can find.

According the Guinness Records people, currently the Sin City Hustler is the world's largest monster truck weighing in at 15,000 pounds

Now we have enough data to send back to our connections at the Hadron Collider to do the oh so tricky long division that this requires. The answer is that Godzilla weighs as much as 21,867 of the world's largest monster trucks.

Did you wake up today, knowing that the day was going to be this educational?

Sometimes you just get lucky.

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