An oil tanker weighs the same as 44,534 Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Weight of an Oil Tanker in Comparison to the Weight of a T-Rex

According my tried and true, top secret resources, namely Wikipedia, a single T-Rex dinosaur weighed anywhere from 9.3 tons to 15.4 tons. The exact middle of this range is 12.35 tons so let's use that estimate for our dinosaur weight comparison.

Since people used to be believed that oil came from dead dinosaurs, I thought an oil tanker would be a fun comparison.

An Ultra Large Crude Carrier is a massive beast. The largest of these oil tankers can, fully loaded, weigh in at around 550,000 tons.

After breaking out the construction paper and crayons, we quickly come to an answer. An oil tanker can weigh as much as 44,534 Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs.

Today's bonus fact is about the T-Rex. We've only found about 50, mostly partial, skeletons of this dinosaur so far. Also the average T-Rex lived to be about 25 years of age and loved to party.

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