One empty semi-trailer truck weighs the same as 136,000 trucker hats.

How Many Trucker Hats Does It Take to Equal the Weight of an 18 Wheel Semi-Truck?

According to the Truckers Report, a semi plus empty trailer weighs anywhere from 31,000 to 37,000 pounds. We'll take the exact middle of this and say an empty truck and trailer weighs 34,000 pounds for the purposes of our calculations.

How much does a trucker hat weigh? You can get them lighter but we're going to go with 4 ounces which gives us 4 trucker hats to the pound.

After consulting with our crack team of data scientists, we have come to the conclusion that an eighteen wheeler without cargo weighs the same as 136,000 trucker hats.

Our bonus fact today is about the world's largest truck. It's a mining dump truck called the Belaz 75710 that weighs a monstrous 397 US tons. That's 793,664 pounds.

It handles well on the open road but gets terrible gas mileage.

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