A Bell 212 helicopter weighs the same as 27 Arnolds.

How Many Arnolds Does It Take to Equal the Weight of the Choppa?

In the original Predator film, Arnold implored us all to "Get to the choppa!" and so many years later this dumb idea for a weight comparison was born.

First off, let's figure out what kind of choppa it was.

In the film, they used a Bell 212 helicopter that weighs about 6530 pounds. At that time, Arnold weighed in at around 240 pounds so let's do the basic math.

The choppa weighs as much as 27.2 Arnolds. But it's lifting capacity maxs out at around 20 Arnolds.

Here's your bonus fact. The world's largest helicopter is the Mi-26. It's almost ten times heavier than the Bell 212 helicopter.

The Mi-26, the world's largest helicopter, weighs 62,170 pounds.

That's 259 Arnolds. That's impressive.

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