The Death Star weighs the same as 895 quadrillion Wookiees.

How Many Wookiees Does It Take to Equal the Weight of the Death Star?

I'm going to go off the beaten path here and do something semi-fictional because the Death Star obviously doesn't really exist.

Wookiees on the other hand are real because I saw one last Halloween at the mall.

Now there is no official estimate for the weight of a Death Star. I'm talking about the awesome one from the original Star Wars film.

But there is a highly unofficial estimate from the people over at Geekologie.

It's super rough and based on some very broad presumptions but it's the best we have so let's go for it. The Death Star weighs almost 148 quadrillion US tons.

In more exact terms, the Death Star weighs 147,709,540,000,000,000 tons.


Now on to the Wookiees part of the equation. As many philosophers before me have asked, what is the weight of a Wookie?

According to the very cleverly named Wookieepedia, a male Wookiee weighs around 330 pounds.

Flames started sparking out of my calculator as I ran the numbers but I got the final answer before the whole thing melted down.

The Death Star weighs as much as 895 quadrillion Wookiees.

The exact number seems to that the Death Star weighs as much as 895,209,333,333,000,000 Wookiees.

I would've used the Millennium Falcon for my weight comparison but I couldn't find or make a decent estimate for it. If you have one, feel free to send it my way.

It's late at night as I write this so I really hope I haven't dropped a zero somewhere.

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