A wind turbine weighs the same as 171,722 tabletop fans.

How Much Does a Wind Turbine Weigh vs a Small Household Fan?

I recently saw a video clip, shot from the deck of a boat, of a whale breaching the water which aside from the sheer terror it instilled me - had me wondering just exactly how much do those guys weigh?

Holy craperoni, these things are heavy.

A wind turbine, those gigantic wind mill like things that can power several small Latverian villages are monstrously huge. The Gamesa model for example has a total weight of 334 tons.

In other words, just one of this particular type of wind turbine weighs a total of 668,000 pounds.

For comparison, we'll use the Honeywell HT-904 tabletop fan. It seems like a more or less like of standard fan one might find in someone's house. The shipping weight is 3.89 pounds so let's use that info.

After consulting with the super computer in my backroom, it would seem that one wind turbine weighs as much as 171,722 tabletop fans.

Your bit of trivia for this page revolves around the fact that humans have been using wind power since the first century when Heron of Alexandria uses a wind driven wheel to operate an organ in one of his engineering experiments.

If he hadn't decided to play with his organ who knows where we'd be right now?

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