The Earth weighs the same as 81 Moons.

How Many Moons Would It Take to Equal the Mass of the Earth?

Well no need to do any complicated figuring outs as Tim Sharp over at has figured it out plus I'm tired today.

It would take 81 moons to equal the weight of the Earth.

That's a lot smaller than I expected. Puny moon!

BTW if anyone tells you there's three golf balls on the moon, don't believe them.

There's actually only two golf balls on the moon according to Mathew Weathers and many other people. That trivial pursuit card is wrong.

Alan Shepard put those two gold balls there on an Apollo 14 mission in 1971. Meanwhile on Earth, we're adding 850 million golf balls to the surface of our planet every year.

Some days I think the moon will never catch up to us.

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