A fully grown Siberian tiger weighs the same as 78 domestic cats.

A Weight Comparison between a Tiger and a Domestic Household Cat

A tiger is a little lighter than the things I usually compare around here but I was curious to how big the difference was between these two creatures from opposite ends of the feline world.

A full grown indoor cat usually ranges from seven to ten pounds depending on breed. I'm going to call nine pounds as the average weight of a domestic cat. Until someone weighs all the cats in the world, I'm sticking with nine pounds as my estimate.

Now on to Tigers.

A Siberian Tiger is the largest of the tigers so let's use this subspecies for our measurements. The males are heavier so let's also add that into the equation.

A male Siberian tiger can weigh up to 705 pounds. Good god, that's frightening.

Now the answer becomes clear, a tiger weighs the same as 78.3 domestic cats

The tougher question is who would you rather fight - 78 household cats or a Siberian tiger?

Ok, maybe that question was too easy. I think I'd rather fight 78 humans than one Siberian tiger. The thing weighs almost as much as two motorcycles.

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