A Bar of Gold Weighs the Same as $12,412 in One Dollar Bills.

Weight of a Standard Bar of Gold in Comparison to American Dollar Bills.

The standard gold bar, like the banks use, is 400 troy-ounces. A bar of gold like this weighs approximately 27.34 pounds. Currently a 400 ounce gold bar will cost you about $600,000.

About 454 American one dollar bills weigh roughly one pound. Working the numbers leads to the following conclusion. A bar of gold weighs the same as $12,412 in one dollar bills.

If you were a two hundred pound person, you would weigh the equivalent of $90,800 in one dollar bills. Or if you prefer, you would weigh around 7.3 gold bars.

If a two hundred pound person was magically turned into gold they would now be worth $4,380,000 in gold.

BTW The total amount of gold ever mined is estimated to be, by the World Gold Council, around 209,483 tons. That's about half the weight of the Empire State Building.

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