The Sphinx of Giza weighs the same as 7,257,600 household cats.

The Weight of the Sphinx of Giza in Terms of your Average Household Cats

It varies a lot from cat to cat but let's say the average domestic household cat weighs around nine pounds. This was the easy part.

There are no weight estimations available for the Great Sphinx of Giza so I had to create one.

If the Sphinx was chopped up and a placed into a single block, I figure that block of stone would measure 162 feet long by 63 feet wide by 40 feet tall.

Let's say the stone used weighs around 160 pounds per square foot. This would mean that the Sphinx of Giza weighs about 65,318,400 pounds. That's roughly 32,659 US tons. That's the equivalent of over seven million cute little cats.

In anyone has a better estimate for the weight of the sphinx, please send it my way. But as far as I know this is the best weight estimate for the Sphinx on the whole of the internet as it's the only one available.

BTW the weight estimate for the Sphinx of Giza presumes that it's solid and that they are no hidden chambers containing dead pharaohs, fabulous riches, or alien technology.

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