The CN Tower weighs the same as 79,877 NBA basketball teams.

How Much Does an NBA Basketball Team Weigh?

The first part of the equation is pretty easy. The government of Canada claims that the CN tower weighs 130,000 tons. And the government of Canada would never lie to us, so we can be confident that the CN Tower part is fully figured out.

Now for the second part of the equation... how much does a basketball team like the Toronto Raptors weigh?

Each NBA team has a maximum roster of 15 basketball players. I found a basketball site that claimed 217 pounds at 6'7" was the average basketball player's stats so let's use the weight part of that info.

When we smash the numbers together, the answer is clear. An NBA basketball team weighs on average about 3,255 pounds.

I did for a second think of weighing all the current members of the Toronto Raptors and using that number for the total but that seemed just a little too crazy. Now onto the reveal...

It takes almost eighty thousand NBA basketball teams to equal the weight of the CN tower.

Your bonus facts for the day are that it takes the revolving restaurant at the top of the CN tower 72 minutes to make a full rotation and that the last two minutes of a basketball game are the most boring minutes on earth for any activity at any time, now or in the distant future.

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