A real house in Malibu weighs the same as 48,186 Barbie Dream houses.

A Real House in Malibu vs Barbie's Dreamhouse

Once again, let's start with the easy part. Barbie's Dreamhouse or more specifically Barbie's Malibu Dreamhouse has an item weight of 17.64 pounds according to the listing on Amazon.

Now onto the hard part: the specs for a real house in Malibu.

I checked out homes in Malibu on realtor.com. They had over 400 homes listed going for a median price of around 3 million dollars.

So by my reckoning if it's a real dream house then it's got to cost over 3 million dollars.

I saw a nice little beachfront 4 bedroom 4 bath place for 6 million dollars so I'm going to use this one for my estimate. I'm a sucker for an ocean view in the morning.

Now let's apply some rather dubious facts to estimate the weight of a house. I saw 50 pounds per square foot used as a house weight estimate formula.

This would mean that our 3400 square foot dream house in Malibu would weigh 170,000 pounds. Now we have to add the weight of the foundation to this number.

From what I can tell our Malibu home is a single story place so we use 200 pounds per square foot for the foundation estimate which gives us a grand total of 850,000 pounds for the house and foundation together.

It takes 48,186 Barbie Dreamhouses to equal the weight of our very real dream house in Malibu.

The internet is a wonderful place.

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