The Brooklyn bridge weighs the same as 125,636,527 hot dogs.

How Much Does the Brooklyn Bridge Weigh in Pounds and Hot Dogs?

Let's start with the Brooklyn Bridge. It was completed in 1883 after a 14 year construction periods. It's the world's first steel wire suspension bridge and its heavy. Let's find out exactly how heavy.

The Brooklyn Bridge weighs a grand total of 14,680 tons. In other words, the Brooklyn Bridge weighs 29,360,000 pounds.

If you're interested in reading more on the topic, James Maher has on his website a great article on the history of the bridge.

I was wondering what to contrast the Brooklyn Bridge with and I started to think of things Brooklyn is famous for.

Nathan's Famous, the sponsor of the well-known hot dog eating contest immediately came to mind

Let's figure out the weight of a hot dog using products from Nathan's Famous.

A single hotdog from their All Natural line weighs about 47 grams. A hot dog bun in their restaurant style weighs 53 grams.

The last part is to figure out how much the dressing on a hot dog weighs. Since a hot dog can be dressed a million different weighs we're going to totally make a very rough ballpark estimate on this one at about 6 grams. Our total for hotdog, bun, and dressing is 106 grams.

If it was a hot dog from Chicago, the weight for the toppings would be approximately 54 pounds.

It's a joke people... relax... I love Chicago.

So after running the super computer, we find out that the Brooklyn Bridge weighs as much as 125,636,527 hot dogs.

Yep... the Brooklyn Bridge weighs about as much as 125 million fully loaded hot dogs.

On average, that's the amount of hot dogs that are consumed in America in less than 2 and a half days.

Isn't the internet a beautiful thing?

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