The bell for Big Ben weighs the same as 90,610 Rolex watches.

How Many Rolex Watches Equal the Weight of Big Ben?

Let's start at the easy end of things. Stainless steel Rolex watches weigh anywhere from around 100 to 160 grams.

Something like the Rolex GMT-Master 2 weighs around 152 grams so for our estimate, I'm going to say that 3 Rolex watches equals a pound. This will make for some easy math.

Protip: they might be fake if you're buying Rolexes by the pound.

The largest bell for Big Ben clocks in at 15.10166 US tons. That's 30,203.32 pounds. Now we just have to divide this number by three to get the answer we're looking for.

It takes 90,606 Rolex watches to equal the weight of the bell used for Big Ben.

But Really How Much Does All of Big Ben Weigh?

There is no estimate for how much the whole Elizabeth Tower structure weighs so I'm going to attempt to create an answer for that now.

This answer will be very rough so don't quote it as gospel. This is just for funsies.

Let's start with the basic building components to be weighed.

According to this page. For its construction, Big Ben used 850 cubic metres of stone and 2,600 cubic metres of bricks. It has a ten foot deep foundation. So if we add up all those things along with the weight of the bell, we should have a very sketchy weight estimate.

Using to this nifty online calculator, we learn that a meter of stone weighs 5544 pounds. So this component weighs 4,712,400 pounds.

Using the same calculator, we find out that a meter of bricks equals 4237 pounds. Therefore all the bricks for Big Ben weigh a total of 11,016,200 pounds.

By my estimate, the foundation for Big Ben requires 30 cubic meters of presumably concrete. That would put the weight of the foundation for Big Ben at 158,730 pounds.

Now we add these together plus the weight of the bell plus a 10% increase. This 10 percent addition will represent all the wood, plumbing, and other stuff used in the building.

Finally we have an answer to question of how much the clock tower weighs in total.

The total weight of Big Ben's tower in London is 17,509,284 pounds. Big Ben's total weight is 8755 US tons.

In metric, the Elizabeth Tower weighs 7,942,078 kilograms. So if any of your friends at the pub ask, be sure to tell them that Big Ben weighs about 8 million kilograms.

And remember... it must be true if you read it on the internet.

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