The Story of the WEIGHS THE SAME Website

I had coffee with a friend of mine and learned that they were thinking about an upcoming interview for a programming position. I remembered stumbling on a resource for technical interviews that they might find handy but I couldn't remember the exact website for it.

Later on, I did some searching on the topic and I discovered that some of the questions you get asked at technical interviews involve abstract problems. From what I gathered, the point is to see how you go about solving problems.

Anyway, one of the questions was about figuring out the weight of the Empire State Building and this made a light bulb go off in my head.

I started wondering about the weight of the building and then I thought about it in comparison to other things.

Maybe it was because I was watching what I ate but for whatever reason, Big Macs were on my mind.

I wondered how many Big Macs would it take to equal the weight of the Empire State Building? And from this question, and many hours of work, the website was born.

Have a great day, Scott.

PS. I do other fun stuff like create illustrated books. Feel free to check those out on Amazon if you're so inclined.

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